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About Us

  • An American owned and operated company based in Rosenberg,Texas
  • Offering the Advanced EV variety of electric vehicles
  • Providing sales and service to golf cart and utility vehicles for over 35 years.

Advanced EV Line Descriptions

What is Advanced EV?


Golf Cart:


  • 2-seat electric golf car
  • Either fleet or fully loaded and 36V/275 amp or 48V/400 amp
  • Use as your personal transportation

Quick Shuttle:


  • 4-seat electric car with a golf car body style
  • Configured as straight 4-seat or the popular 2+2 style
  • Quickly shuttle patrons to and around events or between parking garages and venues. 48V/400 amp
  • Street legal golf car (MSO, VIN number)
  •  Lift kit, and AC drive options available

People Mover:


  • 6- or 8-seat electric car with golf car body style
  • 4+2-, 6-seat front facing, and 6+2-seat configurations
  • 48V/400 amp
  • Street legal golf car (MSO, VIN number)
  • AC drive options available

Shuttle Bus:


  • Buses with 8-, 11- or 14-seat configurations
  • 72V 6.3 kW power
  • 7.5 kW AC drive options available



  • 72V commercial style flat bed, box, pickup and lifting tailgate configurations
  • Quiet and powerful vehicles for housekeeping, landscaping, and other heavy duty work
  • Available with AC drive as option

Utility Vehicles:


  • 48V/400 amp golf car body style with flat bed, lifted, and pickup configurations
  • AC drive is also and option

Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV):


  • The ultimate in street legal transportation
  • 4-seat, 48V/400 amp configured with with or without doors
  • AC drive and air conditioning are available options
  • MSO, VIN number

Classic Cars:


  • A-series or more commercial S-series frame style vehicles
  • For 6 and 8 passengers respectively
  • Great VIP transportation

 Office:  (281) 342-1040 ◦