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Mature ideas in a new golf cart

The Advanced EV A-series, first introduced in late 2014, may be a relatively new line of golf carts for the personal transportation market.  But...

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Having something new to offer re-energizes many businesses. For sure, it provides new material for all your advertising efforts, but employees and customers alike seem to have a renewed curiosity and excitement—and that helps sales.

I’m sure your experiences have been similar. You’ve seen it with new model years, but simply offering a new model of the same brand may not be enough of a kick to bring in new business.

I invite you to have a look at the Advanced EV brand of Golf Carts,
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All-Electric Mini Truck

Its capacity for work may fool you

Electric mini cargo truck

The experience of sitting behind the wheel of an Advanced EV mini truck can be misleading.  You wonder, how can a truck with a smooth, quiet ride and easy turning deliver the power for heavy jobs?

The answer comes in the form of its 72V 6.3 kW power system and an oversized truck bed.

12 6-volt (72V) batteries supply power for the vehicles.  The mini trucks use an Advanced ADC motor with a 400 amp Curtis controller and come standard as DC drive systems.  But, you can order an AC drive system for even greater torque and distance.  The AC drive system will be more important for customers who typically haul heavy loads for long distances or over steeper grades.

The mini trucks have three main bed styles, the flatbed with folding side rails, the box, and the pickup.  An electric lift tailgate is also available.   Just choose a style based on how you will use it.

The mini truck body is built with combinations of polypropylene, fiberglass, and aluminum, depending on the the style chosen.  The chassis is made of powder-coated steel.  The steel uprights are dipped in a rust inhibitor and then powder-coated.

Each mini truck accommodates up to two passengers in the cab.  You may choose either a full cab with windshield and optional doors or an open cab.  The equipment package includes headlights, taillights, turn signal lights, brake lights and side mirrors as standard items.

But, perhaps, the biggest selling point of these mini trucks is their work capacity.  The oversized 9-foot bed or cargo area provides ample space for the big jobs.  For example:

  • Carry potted trees, landscape tools, and sod to the work site on campus;

  • Move boxes of inventory within a warehouse;

  • Transport trash to collection sites or move heavy laundry to the laundry facility;

  • Haul replacement parts or large appliances in large apartment complexes.

The mini truck has a payload of over 1 ton (2000 lb.)  That's double the load of utility vehicles with golf cart bodies.  With it, you can deliver more materials the first time.

This means:

  • Landscape workmen can stay at the work site longer and finish the job sooner.

  • Housekeeping takes fewer trips to get the laundry or trash where it needs to be.

So, don’t let the mini truck's quiet, comfortable, all-electric power fool you.  For customers who are in the market for environment-friendly, quiet solutions for their big jobs, offer them the Advanced EV Mini Truck.

Look into becoming an Advanced EV Mini Truck dealer or distributor today.  Click here to get started.

A brand of golf carts designed with golf car dealer experience.

Golf cart dealers, if you could design a golf car, what would you want it to include?

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