Golf Carts and Electric Vehicles

for Distributors and Dealers


Golf Carts and Electric Vehicles

for Distributors and Dealers


Electric Industrial Trucks

These are your work horses.

These S-Series trucks can meet the demands of your biggest jobs.   These trucks are available with either 48V 4kW DC or 72V 6.3kW DC motors as  standard.  72V 7.5kW AC motor configuration also available.


The Advanced EV Industrial Truck offer an oversized 9-ft bed and can carry a 2000 lb payload…that’s a “ton” of work.  The 9-ft bed makes loading easier especially for long sheets of material.


Our Industrial Truck has three standard designs:


  • The Flatbed has rails that fold down for easier loading and unloading.
  • The PickUp Truck  with its 1-ft high walls and tailgate.
  • The Box Truck sporting around 180 cubic feet of enclosed space.


They offer options for hotel and resort businesses, universities, warehouses, and large apartment complexes.  They can be used for the toughest jobs, for example, landscaping, hauling trash, laundry, team sports equipment, tools and materials for repair work and more.  Just pick the style that works for the intended use.


Electric Industrial Truck Summary:

  • 72V commercial style flat bed, box, pickup and lifting tailgate configurations
  • Quiet and powerful vehicles for housekeeping, landscaping, and other heavy duty work
  • Available with AC drive as option
  • Colors

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