Golf Carts and Electric Vehicles

for Distributors and Dealers


Golf Carts and Electric Vehicles

for Distributors and Dealers

People Mover

6-8 Seat People Mover

Move guests in style

Handicapped accessible options available

The A-Series people mover is available as 48V 3.7kW DC  motor.  That comes as a standard feature.  You have an option to order the 4kW 48V AC motor configuration for longer range travel situations.


The quiet, environment friendly, and spacious and comfort ride of these electric cars make your tours more enjoyable.


It's standard for the roof top and body color to be the same.  
So whether your customers provide facility tours, move guests to their apartments, or whatever transportation needs happen to be, the A-series electric people mover will handle the job nicely.


Ask us about adding these people movers to expand your resale and rental offerings.


Available as a 6-seat front facing plus 2-seat rear facing (6+2),  straight 6-Seat or 4-Seat front facing plus 2-Seat rear facing (4+2) options.

People Mover Summary:


  • 6- or 8-seat electric car with golf car body style
  • 4+2-, 6-seat front facing, and 6+2-seat configurations
  • 48V/400 amp
  • AC drive options available

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